Can Social Media Boost Happiness in the Workplace? [infographic]

Socialcast’s infographic on happiness in the workplace, Office Bliss, includes research conducted by James Fowler at UC San Diego that caught my eye. The research asserts that social media enhances productivity and overall contentment in the workplace, in part because:

“Each happy friend increases a person’s chance of being happy 18%. In addition, a person’s happiness can be affected by the happiness of people up to three degrees removed from them in a network.”

This is one of the founding ideas of WeChi: We all affect each other. Responding to your friend in need isn’t just good for the friendship, but good for you too.

Do you foresee your workplace embracing the benefits of social media any time soon? Mandatory WeChi check in times?

Excerpt from Office Bliss infographic by Socialcast

Excerpt from Office Bliss infographic by Socialcast

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